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Integration role

The teams at Daoust play a crucial role in integration by providing employment to more than 50,000 different people every year, allowing them to find their place in society and take pride in their work.

50.000 temporary workers employed each year
50% of temporary workers are offered a permanent job
205 different nationalities

In collaboration with the public and non-profit sectors, we regularly develop guidance and coaching projects for job seekers:

  • Exaris : A social temporary employment agency founded by Daoust in 2007 in collaboration with Actiris and Febecoop. The goal? Reintegrate Brussels job seekers with fewer qualifications into the labor market through temporary work.
  • Daoust Jobcoaching : In collaboration with VDAB, Actiris, and Forem, Daoust has launched various coaching projects for job seekers. These projects aim to stimulate job seekers in their search for work and in their career orientation. Thanks to the intervention of regional employment agencies, most of these guidance programs are free.



Our values

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