Looking for a job? Then let’s go go go!


Whether you’re looking for long-term (permanent) or short-term (fixed-term or temporary) employment, trust Daoust to find you the job and the company that fit you.


Your Daoust consultant knows your profile, your professional experience, your strengths/areas for improvement, and your expectations; and they make sure it matches with our clients. For you, it means finding the job or assignment that suits you. For us, it’s the assurance of not asking a welder to do housekeeping in a hotel.


And because you’re not just a number to us, our consultants will be happy to answer all your questions. To find the nearest JobCenter to you, click here.


50% of our temp workers find a fixed-term job in the medium term

Interim contract: full experience, full flexibility


Working as a temp worker with Daoust is the opportunity to gain maximum experience in the sectors of your choice and, let’s not lie, a professional network.


Temporary jobs can be of different durations: one day, one week, one month, or even several. The only thing we don’t offer is a contract for a century.


Daoust will be your official employer. We will pay your salary at the end of each week upon receipt of your work sheet.


Keep in mind that the status of a Interimer does not change your legal rights as a worker. You have exactly the same rights as a permanent worker in the client company (sickness, work accident, unemployment benefits, family allowances, holiday pay…).


And since the future is now, you will receive your contracts electronically #greenattitude. For the user manual, click here.


Permanent contract


If you secure a permanent or fixed-term contract (directly or after a temporary assignment) through Daoust, it will be with the client company that you sign an employment contract, not with Daoust. But that doesn’t mean it’s a tearful farewell. We will still be here to help you negotiate your contract or understand all its aspects.


Welcome to the Family !




And what if we made your life easier? Daoust is proud to introduce DaJobs, our job platform.


DaJobs is a simple platform that you can use anywhere and anytime on your smartphone, tablet, and computer. It allows you to:

  • Search for jobs using artificial intelligence
  • Enter your availability to find missions WHEN it suits you
  • Receive an alert at the start of each new contract
  • Check your schedule with client details, addresses, and directions
  • Contact your JobCenter via the contact form
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