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Service Vouchers, the little extra that makes all the difference


Our “friend” COVID has reminded us well, hygiene is essential. At Daoust, this is the creed we adopt. If our more than 25,000 clients feel comfortable in their homes, it’s thanks to our 3,500 housekeepers who work tirelessly. And they’ve been doing so for 20 years already.

But what exactly is Daoust’s role in all of this?

Well, Daoust acts as an intermediary between clients and housekeepers. When one needs the other (and vice versa), we are here to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We pay particular attention to geographic proximity, suitable schedules, and all this in full compliance with the law (because we don’t joke about hygiene, but even less about the law! 😊)

Whether you’re a housekeeper or a client, you can always contact the nearest JobCenter to you.





To make your life even easier, we also provide you with the DaHome platform, which allows you to:

As a housekeeper, to:

  • Validate your route sheets
  • Check your schedule
  • Notify your clients and your JobCenter of your absences in just a few clicks
  • Quickly contact your JobCenter

As a client, to:

  • Receive an alert when your housekeeper has a last-minute impediment
  • Enter your days off in just a few clicks
  • Easily contact your JobCenter

Fast, simple, and convenient, it takes just 2 clicks to get started. DaHome, your ally for clean communication !


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Safety First: Our Safety Sheets


At Daoust, we aim to provide not only high-quality services but also to ensure the safety and well-being of both our clients and our housekeepers. That’s why we’d like to inform you about an important aspect of our service: the Safety Sheets.


Together, we strive for a clean and safe home environment for you and our housekeepers.


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