Cookie Policy


What are cookies?


A cookie is a small data file that is stored in your browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) or on your device’s hard drive when you visit a website. For the SV Web App, the main purpose of a cookie is to facilitate the use of its application. Such a file stores information, such as your language preference for the application. This allows us to remember certain settings or preferences when using our application. If you visit the application again, this cookie is sent to the application again. This way, the application recognizes your browser and can, for example, remember your language preference.


Why do we use cookies?


Daoust SA, which operates the application, uses a type of cookies on the application, namely essential session cookies. The use of functional cookies and analytical cookies is not currently envisaged.


List of essential session cookies


These cookies are necessary for purely technical reasons in order to visit the application. Due to the technical necessity, only an information obligation applies. These cookies are set up as soon as you visit the application.


Name  Expiration date Content  Purpose
daoust_session 24 hours Stores the user’s current session Retains the user’s current session.
daoustCookieConsent 7 days / Enables the display of the GDPR pop-up and selection Allows the display of the GDPR pop-up and selection.
XSRF-TOKEN 24 hours / Secures account creation/forms for becoming a client or Home Helper Secures account creation/forms for becoming a client or Home Helper.


How can I see which cookies have been installed on my device and how can I delete them?


If you want to know which cookies have been installed on your device or if you also want to delete them, you can use a setting in your browser. The links below explain how to do this.


Firefox Chrome Safari Internet Explorer
Firefox (mobile) Chrome (mobile) Safari (mobile) Microsoft Edge


Changes to the Cookie Policy


Daoust SA may update its cookie policy from time to time. You can see the date of the last change below this statement. We advise you to regularly read the cookie policy to be informed of any changes.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the cookie policy or privacy protection, or if you wish to exercise your rights or obtain further information about the guarantees offered by Daoust SA, please contact the Data Protection Officer at

This statement was last updated on October 4, 2022.


More Information About Cookies


You can find useful information about cookies and the applicable laws and regulations in Belgium on the website of the Data Protection Authority (GBA):  Here


Who is the Data Controller?


The data controller is Daoust SA, the host of the website

Daoust SA

Headquarters: Galerie Porte Louise 203/5, 1050 Brussels VAT: 0400.523.292



Privacy: Processing of Personal Data


At Daoust SA, we attach great importance to respecting your privacy. Below is our statement of policy for the protection of personal data for all individuals whose data is processed by Daoust SA as the data controller.



General Conditions

To view the Interim general conditions: click here

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Because acting with integrity and ethics is at the core of our family values, Daoust ensures that a whistleblowing policy is available.

This system serves as a guide and provides the opportunity to report any violation of legal and regulatory standards confidentially.

Reporting a violation of legal and regulatory standards can be done through the following channels:


The detailed procedure can be found here.