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Stimulate reading



For us, reading is essential to broaden the mind, train the brain, and develop intelligence


That’s why Daoust has been:

  • running the “Book of the Summer/Winter” initiative for years: Twice a year, we offer each staff member a book. Every employee can choose their book from a list curated by Giles, featuring books that have inspired or resonated with him in some way.


  • supporting the “Foire du Livre de Bruxelles” organization, particularly its Objectif Lire program. The Objectif Lire program targets audiences that are distant from reading and writing for social, cultural, economic, or other reasons (such as the elderly, prisoners, immigrants, illiterates). It offers writing workshops and literary events as a beautiful way to introduce the world of books to those who are far removed from it.

Books@Daoust is an initiative by Giles Daoust to promote reading and compassionate management. Through this initiative, Giles offers, via LinkedIn or our partners, either books published by his Title Books label or a selection of books that have touched him. These books are provided for free to anyone who requests them at books@daoust.be. His goal is to share his passion for reading and encourage reading and personal development among those interested.


Need a reading tip? Then read 80 Tips for Young People by Antoine Geerinckx!

Our values

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