Daoust, CO2 Neutral for its Brussels Headquarters

04 December 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Daoust has obtained the CO2Neutral label for its headquarters in Brussels!

This label, certified by CO2Logic and Vinçotte, is awarded to organizations that calculate, reduce, and offset their climate impact.


After an audit conducted on our headquarters for the year 2021, we have decided to offset all of our CO2 emissions. But of course, our efforts will not stop there! We take our societal role to heart through our ethical commitment to all employment stakeholders. Today more than ever, our goal is to implement an action plan to decrease our impact, year after year.




Improving the lives of hundreds of families in Rwanda by providing them with access to clean water… that is the project we have decided to support to offset our CO2 emissions from our headquarters! This project will not only preserve the health of many Rwandan families but also improve their quality of life and protect hundreds of hectares of forests.


For more information on this project, click here: Rwanda Water Project


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Every action counts. Together for the planet! 🌍

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