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Daoust reinvents outplacement!

Facing a layoff? This situation is never pleasant… But where some may see failure, we see an opportunity.


Since 2001, Daoust Outplacement has been working hard to support individuals who you must part ways with. All this is done with trust, empathy and efficiency.


Our “Body & Mind” approach


At Daoust Outplacement, we believe that before reintegrating laid-off individuals into the workforce, it’s essential to accompany them to get them back in action, to reignite their desire to move forward..

Our goals are to help you:



Thanks to our human-centered approach, our close relationship, and our empathy, we help you find your way back to employment.

Our support process 


An “outplacement coaching” program consists of 3 modules, each lasting 20 hours, over a period of maximum 1 year.


The support can be provided individually, in groups or in a mixed format.


Recovery Guarantee:


If your former employee finds a new job but loses it within three months, the outplacement support can be resumed from where it was interrupted.

Daoust Outplacement in numbers

2001 Pioneering outplacement since 2001
500 dismissed individuals supported per year
+75 JobCenters in Belgium

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